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Sunkey professionally designs custom packaging bags for customers

As a professional flexible packaging manufacturer, Sunkey Packaging has a rich experience and a professional design and R & D team. Through continuous improvement and research and development, we have provided many customers with custom clear packaging, custom stand-up pouches, customizable food packaging, etc.

Sunkey is a high-tech packaging manufacturer specializing in custom clear packaging

As a high-tech manufacturer with 94 utility model patents and 22 invention patents, Sunkey Packaging can provide customers with unique custom packaging bags, such as transparent custom bags, aluminum foil bags, custom standing bags, automatic packaging film and so on. we can not only provide specific pattern printing, but also for the product to print a separate electronic regulatory code, but also can provide different two-dimensional for each bag. After 2 years of efforts, our R & D team can place unique QR codes on each of the different bags, such as custom transparent packaging, custom stand up pouches, custom films, customizable food packaging, and so on. As a historic flexible packaging factory, in the packaging customization, Sunkey has extensive experience and outstanding technical capabilities, in addition to the above common transparent custom packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, custom stand up pouches, automatic packaging film and so on. Sunkey can also professionally design a complete packaging solution for customers, to produce suitable for customers dedicated packaging bag packaging film and so on.

As a flexible packaging company with outstanding R & D capabilities, Sunkey Packaging specializes in solving packaging problems for customers. Professional customer packaging bags, please contact Sunkey!