Flexible Digital Printing Packaging Product Manufacturer & Supplier

Flexible Digital Printing Packaging Product Manufacturer & Supplier

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a new printing method that prints computer files directly on the substrate, which is different from the cumbersome process of traditional printing.

What are the benefits of digital printing?

Its characteristics: print from one sheet, no need to make a plate, ready to wait, instant error correction, variable printing, printing on demand. Digital printing is a comprehensive technology developed on the basis of printing technology. It uses electronic text as a carrier and transmits it to digital printing equipment through the network to realize direct printing. In the printing production process, no version and variable information are the biggest features, covering various technical fields such as printing, electronics, computers, networks, and communications.

  1. Digital printing is the transmission of all digital information, eliminating the need for in-machine version of film and printing plate.
  2. The information of digital prints is 100% variable.
  3. Digital printing is the process of directly converting digital information into printed matter using a digital printing system. The digital manuscript can be a digital file processed by the digital prepress system, or it can be sourced from the network or digital media.
  4. Digital printing can realize print output anytime, anywhere, remotely, without time and space restrictions.
  5. The value of digital printing comes from the service provided to the customer, rather than the inherent cost of the manufacturer. According to the imaging mechanism, digital printing is divided into electrostatic imaging, inkjet imaging, electrocoagulation imaging, thermal transfer imaging, and magnetic recording imaging. Digital printers using electrostatic imaging and inkjet imaging are the mainstream in the market.

Since digital printing does not require the complicated procedures of traditional offset printing, it only needs to be sent from the computer to the printing machine to produce the finished product. Therefore, urgent printing, variable printing, and on-demand printing are unattainable by traditional printing. Therefore, the digital printing industry really caters to the ever-changing demand for rapid printing of commercial prints, and the development speed is quite fast, and the development space is very large.

Application of digital printing in Sunkey Packaging.

As a leading company in the flexible packaging industry, Sunkey Packaging entered the digital printing industry for the first time and purchased a most advanced HP Indigo 20000 digital printing machine. The first ever digital high capacity web press designed specifically for flexible packaging, labels, shrink sleeve applications. This 30 inch wide web solution by HP Indigo is based on its proven and successful narrow web technology. Groove you’re matching quality and enhanced color capability is widely embraced by the world’s leading brands. The press can deliver shelf appeal that attracts and engages customers. Indigo’s digital printing technology eliminates the need for plates and set-up time.

Allowing maximum flexibility in production and reducing waste. Produce multiple jobs in a single shift or proof on demand, every packaging could be different with variable numbering, images, or multiple versions. Enjoy advanced automation with our unique workflow swift powered by Esko and produce accurate consistent colors and high- value variable data jobs. Switch easily from surface to reverse or even sandwich printing. Change jobs and colors sequences on the fly to meet challanging graphic demands. Quality is consistent throughout the job, even from the first copy. Thanks the HP Indigo’s perfect registration even on heat sensitive materials. Print on a broad media gamut from 10 microns up to 250 microns thick. And enabling a wide range of labels, packaging applications.

HP indigo digital presses print flexible packaging that can comply with food packaging regulations for the non-contact side of common polymeric food packaging. Automatic flexibility, top quality, new digital applications, take Sunkey’s business to the next level and gain a competitive advantage with the HP Indigo 20000 digital press. With this digital printing machine, Sunkey Packaging can provide customers with small batches of private customized packaging bags and reduce printing costs. Because it does not require plate making, it can produce products that meet the requirements and are more beautiful for customers more quickly.

The future development direction of digital printing(bright future)

To describe the prospects of digital printing in one sentence: the general trend, whoever is better. After more than ten years of hard work, digital printers can finally say this boldly today.

In Europe and America, the digital printing industry is very developed, and orders of less than 5000 copies are basically occupied by digital printing. Many large printing houses have more than 10 digital printing presses. Among them, 30% of digital printers serve for network personalized printing. Online personalized prints are mainly photo books and personalized desk calendars. They are very keen on this kind of personalized prints. For example, Prince William’s wedding has a lot of personalized prints, among which the beer labels are digitally printed.

In China, labor costs are increasing. Compared with traditional printing, digital printing, which requires less labor, saves a lot of labor costs. Part of the traditional printing business is shifting to digital printing. After several years of development, network personalized printing has become more mature, which has also promoted the development of digital printing.

From 2001 to 2010, my country imported a total of 26,710 digital printing presses. In 2007, 1,164 units, with a total value of 38.92 million yuan; in 2008, 1161 units, with a total value of 29.47 million U.S. dollars, a decrease of 24.3%; (calculated by amount) in 2009, 6,987 units, with a total value of 55.22 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 87.4%; in 2010, 17,398 units, with a total value of 86.12 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 55.6%. The majority of digital printing companies work together to meet a better tomorrow and make digital printing bigger and stronger.

Sunkey Digital Printing Operation Sequence

Digital Printing Process