DuPont case

Established in 1802, DuPont is a science company that provides world-class scientific and engineering capabilities to global markets with innovative products, materials, and services to help meet global challenges, including providing people everywhere Healthy food, reduced dependence on fossil fuels, and protection of life and the environment make life better, safer and healthier for people around the world. DuPont’s business covers more than 90 countries and regions around the world, with a wide range of innovative products and services covering agriculture and food, buildings and construction, communications and transportation, energy and bio-application technology and many other fields.
Sunkey Packaging began to cooperate with DuPont in 2019. In view of the increasing packaging costs and transportation costs, Sunkey has been considering for customers at all times. Through more than one year of testing and verification, Sunkey Packaging designed and developed a large packing bag for DuPont which can hold 1000KG and excellent barrier performance. This bag not only saves the customer’s packaging cost, but also reduces the customer’s transportation cost, improves the safety in cargo transportation, and reduces the disk of bag damage.
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