5 questions about the shelf life of aluminum foil bags

1. What is the shelf life of prepared meat covered in aluminum foil after vacuum?

The shelf life of food is carefully related to your packaging, packaging materials, and technology.

The bags can be kept for 1 ~ 3 months after being vacuumed and sanitized by normal nylon bags.

Vacuum containing aluminum foil: vacuum packaging and then 121 degrees heat sanitation for 30 minutes, space temperature can be maintained for 0.5 to 1 year.

aluminum foil bags

2. The shelf life of aluminum foil bags is longer than that of common plastic bags?

Yes, it is a composite of aluminum foil and plastic, and paper. It combines the protecting residential or commercial property of aluminum foil with the strength of paper and the sealing property of the plastic. It, even more, enhances the protecting property of water vapor, air, ultraviolet radiation, germs, and so on, which is required for packaging products, and greatly broadens the application market of aluminum foil. The bundles are well protected since they are sufficiently insulated from light, moisture, and gas. Especially for the packaging of prepared food, using this composite aluminum foil material can guarantee that the food does not degrade for one year.

3. Can the warranty duration of an iron ladle be longer than that of an aluminum foil bag?

Iron cans require high-pressure and high-temperature cooking disinfection after packaging, no or fewer preservatives, so the shelf life is somewhat longer, with iron cans is transportation and storage can lower the effect of extrusion contortion splitting, most military food use in packaging.

Aluminum foil packaging typically with preservatives, disinfection before packaging, packaging no longer dealt with, shelf life, and iron can practically.

vacuum aluminum foil bag

4. Is the vacuum aluminum foil bag longer than the vacuum plastic bag?

The vacuum aluminum foil bag has a longer shelf life than the vacuum plastic bag.

The vacuum aluminum foil bag has great functions of moisture resistance, barrier, light security, permeability, and appearance.

The price of vacuum aluminum foil bag is higher than vacuum plastic bag.

5. How long is the aluminum foil filling nitrogen packaging coffee powder shelf life?

Nitrogen-filled coffee powder packaged in aluminum foil bags is a kind of coffee powder that uses inert gas nitrogen to isolate the oxidation of air without including preservatives and synthetic antioxidants, hence preserving the fundamental taste, taste, and dietary worth of coffee powder.

Sunkey Packaging is a company specializing in the production of customized aluminum foil bags.

Sunkey Packaging not only produces conventional aluminum foil bags but also specializes in the production of various custom aluminum foil bags. Our company has a 20-person R&D team that can help customers provide design patterns, design material structures, design aluminum foil bag shapes, printing, lamination, bag making, and a complete set of customer aluminum foil bag packaging solutions. Sunkey Packaging has 5 high-speed automatic printing machines, which can print up to 12 colors, which can basically meet the printing of any pattern. At the same time, it also has more than 30 various types of bag making machines, which can meet the needs of customers for any bag type, such as stand-up aluminum foil bags, square bottom aluminum foil bags, three-side sealing aluminum foil bags, freestyle aluminum foil bags and so on.

custom aluminum foil bags
custom aluminum foil bags

Our custom aluminum foil bags are mainly used for product packaging, storage of food, medicines, cosmetics, frozen foods, postal products, etc., moisture-proof, waterproof, insect-proof, prevent things from scattering, can be reused, but also non-toxic and tasteless, good flexibility, Easy sealing and easy to use.

In addition, our 15-30kg heavy-duty back-sealed aluminum foil bags have also been widely purchased by foreign customers for their good barrier properties and load-bearing properties, and are widely used in chemical raw materials, medical waste, pet food, livestock feed packaging, and other fields.

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