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Stand up pouches are widely used in the market

As a convenient, simple and practical flexible packaging product, the stand up pouch is widely used in all walks of life. It can not only hold a variety of things, but also stand up, display well, and can be reused.

Different functions of different material structure bags

Due to the good display effect, we can often see various self-supporting bags with different products on the supermarket shelves. So how should we choose stand up pouch packaging for different products? According to the different material structure, the function of the stand up pouch is also different. The general application of stand up pouches with different material structures will be introduced below.
Stand up pouches made of OPP/VMPET/PE PET/VMPET/PE are generally used to pack casual snacks such as nuts. This kind of packaging has certain barrier properties and the material price is moderate, so it is widely used.
Stand up pouches made of PET/AL/PE OPP/AL/PE PET/AL/CPP OPP/AL/CPP are generally used for packaging milk powder, coffee powder and other reconstituted foods. This kind of food is easy to absorb moisture, so the bag Aluminum foil must be used in the material structure to improve the barrier effect of the bag. Due to the relatively high cost, this material is still not widely used in aluminum-plated structures.

Sunkey Packaging can provide customers with a variety of self-supporting bags

As a stand up pouch manufacturer with 18 years of flexible packaging production experience, Sunkey Packaging can customize a variety of stand-up pouch products for customers. It not only has more than 10 stand up pouch making machines, but also has a 20-person R&D team. Professionally design and customize the most suitable packaging solutions for customers.