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Flexible Packaging Films Of Different Materials

As a simple, convenient, and inexpensive packaging form, flexible packaging has been widely used in all walks of life.
Due to the large consumption, packaging film suitable for automatic packaging have also emerged.
However, different packaging products have different requirements and need to be packaged with flexible packaging films with different properties.

Application of different types of flexible packaging film in the food industry

There are many different kinds of foods in life, and packaging films with different material structure combinations are needed to meet the requirements of these foods.
Raw meat food: we can use NY/PE or co-extruded film if we need to keep fresh, freeze, and vacuum
Cooked meat food: requires high-temperature sterilization, freezing, and preservation.
We can use food packaging film made of PET/AL/PE, NY/AL/PE, and other materials.
Nut foods: need to retain fragrance and water resistance, but in order to save costs, we generally use flexible packaging films such as OPP/VMCPP or PET/VMPET/PE
Pharmaceutical packaging also has many different types of packaging film forms in life.
Packaging films made of PET, NY, AL, CPP, PE, and other different materials are combined for direct packaging.
The inner layer is a low-melting thermoplastic flexible packaging film such as unstretched polypropylene and polyethylene, which is finally produced in the form of a blister.
The strip packaging is specially used for the packaging of powder medicines.
It mainly uses a lamination film to be canned while being packed into a shape through automatic packaging.

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