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The market's requirements for eco friendly packaging are increasing

As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, plastic packaging, as an item that has a great impact on the environment, has been resisted by environmentalists. However, plastic packaging, as a relatively low-cost packaging method, cannot be replaced by other packaging. Therefore, eco friendly packaging materials are produced, and the demand is increasing, which will eventually replace all ordinary plastic packaging.

Main types of eco friendly packaging products

In terms of current technology and materials on the market, eco friendly packaging can be divided into recyclable packaging and biodegradable packaging. Recyclable packaging mainly uses materials with the same material and different properties to combine. It can not only be recyclable and meet environmental protection requirements, but also meet the needs of different functions. Biodegradable packaging mainly relies on packaging made of materials such as paper, polylactic acid, and bio-based materials that can be decomposed by natural organisms. It can achieve the effect of environmental protection by being biodegraded but no harmful substances are produced. The current biodegradable material technology on the market is still not perfect. The degradable material can only meet simple packaging requirements. Sexual requirements still cannot be met. There is still a long way to go before making eco-friendly packaging products a widely used product.

Sunkey Packaging can provide customers with professional eco friendly packaging

Sunkey Packaging, as a well-known flexible packaging company in China, has invested a lot of experience in eco friendly packaging and has achieved certain results. The 20-person R&D team led by the chairman of the company group and Jiangnan University have developed eco friendly packaging such as eco friendly vacuum bags, eco friendly self-supporting bags, eco friendly high barrier bags, degradable packaging films and so on. As an eco friendly packaging manufacturer, Sunkey Packaging can design and provide customers with professional eco friendly packaging solutions.