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Sunkey Packaging is a company specializing in the production of aluminum foil bag

As a flexible packaging company established in 2005, Sunkey Packaging has 15 years of flexible packaging production experience and is a listed company on the Tianjin Stock Exchange. We specializing in the production of all kinds of flexible packaging, including packaging bags and packaging film rolls, with or without printing. Among them, aluminum foil bag is a relatively common and conventional product. Sunkey Packaging produces 100 million aluminum foil bags a year.

Sunkey Packaging is a company specializing in the production of customized aluminum foil bags.

Sunkey Packaging not only produces conventional aluminum foil bag, but also specializes in the production of various custom aluminum foil bag. Our company has a 20-person R&D team that can help customers provide design patterns, design material structures, design aluminum foil bag shapes, printing, lamination, bag making and a complete set of customer aluminum foil bag packaging solutions. Sunkey Packaging has 5 high-speed automatic printing machines, which can print up to 12 colors, which can basically meet the printing of any pattern. At the same time, it also has more than 30 various types of bag making machines, which can meet the needs of customers for any bag type, such as stand-up aluminum foil bags, square bottom aluminum foil bags, three-side sealing aluminum foil bags, free style aluminum foil bags and so on.

Sunkey Packaging is a professional aluminum foil bag suppler.

As a large-scale aluminum foil bag manufacturer, we have stocks and produce conventional aluminum foil bag for many years. Sunkey Packaging produces aluminum foil bags of various thicknesses and specifications all year round in order to meet the needs of various customers, and can be shipped at any time. These bags can be suitable for packaging various products, such as various meats, nuts, daily necessities, medicines, chemical products and so on.