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Sunkey Packaging is located in the beautiful Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. It is a flexible packaging manufacturer with a long history. It was established in 2002, has more than 300 employees, and has rich flexible packaging production experience and unique innovative technology capabilities.

Sunkey Packaging is a professional manufacturer of clear bag

Clear bag and clear bag packaging, as essential supplies in daily life, have been widely used in all walks of life. As a large-scale flexible packaging manufacturer, Sunkey Packaging specializes in the production of all kinds of transparent packaging bags, and has a large stock of ready-made transparent bags, such as vacuum bags, roast chicken bags, embossed bags, etc., Vacuum bags can be used to vacuum to preserve food, Oven bags can withstand high temperatures and can be used for cooking food, embossed bags can be vacuumed more convenient and faster, and can be used to store food at home. Sunkey Packaging has many different specifications in stock. It provides convenience for customers with different needs.

Sunkey Packaging is a professional manufacturer of custom clear bag

As a professional flexible packaging manufacturer, Sunkey Packaging is not only able to produce general-purpose clear bag, but also custom clear bag. Sunkey Packaging not only has a professional design team, but also has 4 high-speed printing machines that can print up to 12 colors, and 35 different types of bag making machines. Therefore, Sunkey can professionally design clear packaging bags with different printing and different bag types for customers. And Sunkey can provide custom clear bags with logo. This custom clear plastic bags with logo are more convenient for customers to promote their own brand, and bring higher benefits to customers.