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Vacuum bag is widely used

Vacuum bag is widely used in various fields as a convenient and comprehensive bag. It is not only used in various factories, but also used in daily life. Vacuum bags can store many things, such as vacuum bag for food, medicine vacuum bags, and various chemical vacuum bags. So what are the characteristics of vacuum bags?

Characteristics of vacuum bag

1) High barrier performance: Whether it is a nylon vacuum bag or an aluminum foil vacuum bag, the material structure contains certain high barrier components. These components make the vacuum bag have a barrier effect on oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, odor, etc.
2) Oil resistance and humidity resistance: Vacuum bags generally have functions such as oil resistance, humidity resistance, freeze resistance, quality preservation, freshness preservation, odor preservation, etc. Some special materials also include high temperature resistance.
3) High strength and easy to shrink: Vacuum bags generally contain materials with better tensile properties, such as nylon and so on. These materials have good toughness, easy to vacuum, and not easy to be punctured.
4) Small size and convenient storage: Compared with other bags, vacuum bags are neat in shape, relatively dense, and occupy a small area during storage. The performance of the bags is stable and can be stored for a relatively long time.
5) Wide scope of application: Vacuum bags are suitable for many industries such as textile, food, medicine, electronics, chemical, machinery, photoelectricity and so on.

Sunkey is a top vacuum bag manufcturer

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