More possibilities for liquid packaging bags

There are many kinds of packaging, and they are gradually incorporated into our lives. Common liquid packaging containers are glass bottles, blister bottles, etc. However, in the past two years, the liquid packaging of plastic bags has gradually come into people’s field of vision. Today, let’s take a look at which areas of liquid packaging have taken the lead?

1、Fruit juice and beer packaging

Easy-to-portable juice packaging and beer packaging, with its own handle and suction nozzle, and take up very little space. It provides more convenience as a trip or party. It also has a strong advantage in resource utilization and cost control. More and more Of merchants are beginning to let this type of packaging enter the market.

Fruit juice and beer packaging

2、Bag in box

We have the mature technology of custom-made bag-in-box. The bag-in-box is exported to many countries. We have received good feedback from customers. We can provide bag-in-box with transparent material structure and bag-in-box with aluminum foil structure, and different valve ports can be selected.

Bag in box
Bag in box

3、Liquid material packaging bag

There is a kind of liquid packaging that is suitable for industrial products. Taking waterproof materials as an example, you can use specially formulated packaging bags to prevent leakage. We independently researched and developed bag-in-bag packaging, which adopts a double-sleeve bag method, which can withstand the pressure of transportation and minimize the rate of bag breakage.

Liquid material packaging bag

4、Drinking water packaging

Some small-capacity drinking water packaging will now also use soft plastic packaging, such as a sports-portable spout bag with a small volume of about 1 liter, equipped with a nozzle structure, to replenish water during exercise, and some functional drinking water. For example, the packaging of hydrogen-rich water will choose a special structure in order to retain the hydrogen element in the water.

Drinking water packaging

The liquid packaging form has changed from traditional glass bottles and blister bottles to flexible plastic packaging, resulting in more convenience and more innovations in form and use.

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